Translator Fail

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Translator Fail

Post by ElectricWhite » Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:15 pm

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a YouTube channel called Translator Fails by Malinda Kathleen Reese. What she does is take song lyrics (or a well-known speech, or a set of instructions, or whatever), translating into a bunch of different languages in Google Translate, and then translate back into English. The results tend to be quite hilarious, as I discovered in the first video I watched, "Google Translate Sings 'Africa' by Toto":

After a few hours of this stuff, I decided I'd try it. I took my response to Bradbury's Jar #6:

The Dawn

The stars had faded away.
The daily August haze hadn’t begun
To push down on us yet.
The water lapping against
The bridge’s only remaining support
Dared not whisper.

We sat on the bridge’s last arch,
Facing east, barely breathing.
This silence was too fragile,
Soon to be beaten away
By people scurrying from
Building to building.

I don’t know why you came back.
You’d done plenty when you pulled me
From Galactor’s fire
As it gorged itself
On my home.

I hope what you’ll soon see
Will be worth your while.
I can’t think of anything
I can give you
That’s worthy
Of you.

The sky grows lighter.
The first tiny curve of the sun
Slips above the horizon.
The river turns to platinum and gold.
A small, sweet breeze blows –
Angels thanking us for being there.

I feel the arm you kept around me
Steadying me, protecting me,
Relax just a little.
Through your visor I see your eyes are closed.
You’re taking in every feel, every smell
And I can’t help smiling.

I translated it into five different languages in Google Translate (since five is the total number of members of the Science Ninja Team) and then translated back into English:

The stars have disappeared.
The daily fog in August did not start
Print a still picture.
Water Leak
The only support for the bridge.
Did not dare whisper.

We sat on the last arch of the bridge,
Turn east and finally out.
This silence was very fragile
Beat fast
Building in the building.

I do not know why I came back.
I did a lot when she pulled me out
How to become a fat?
At home

I hope you will see it soon.
It would be worth it.
I can not imagine anything
I can give you
That's worth it.
who are you
The weather is nice
First little curve of the sun.
Slides in sight.
The river becomes platinum and gold.
Blow the sweet wind -
Thank you for having angels there.

I feel the arm around me
Work on my stability and protect me
Please relax a little.
In the viewer I can see that your eyes are closed.
Take every smell, every smell
I can not help but smile.

Okay, this didn't turn out as funny as Malinda Kathleen Reese's posts, but that's okay. I know one reason is that she usually uses at least a dozen languages before going back to English.

Anyway, I thought this might be a good diversion if the muses seem to be focused on getting pumpkin spice lattes instead of inspiring you to respond to a Bradbury's Jar Prompt or the Gift Exchange. Let Google Translate chew on one of the Eagle's bombastic spiels or have a go with one of 7-Zark-7's ridiculous "science lessons" -- who knows what Google will spit out! :mrgreen:
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