Welcome to the New Crescent Coral Base

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Welcome to the New Crescent Coral Base

Post by msannomalley » Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:38 pm

This is the new Crescent Coral Base. Please update your bookmarks to this board. I will be changing the other board to "read only".

This board has more features than the old board and hopefully it will not break if I try to upgrade it. If you have questions on how things work, please see the Tech Support forum. I've started creating some how-to posts.

This board has the capability of having a chat area. If this is something you would use, let me know and I can install it.

You can also change the boards appearance. I only have a few themes up, but I have downloaded more and will install them later.

I will change the link on the Crescent Coral main site to go to this board. I will also put a link to the old board if you want to go back and read the old posts.
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