Posting Fan Fiction

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Posting Fan Fiction

Post by msannomalley » Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:43 pm

The rules for this forum are found here.

Note: If you post something to the rubber room, you can choose to post a link to it in this forum. However, only people who have access to the Rubber Room will be able to see the work. People who do not have access to the Rubber Room will get a broken link.

If you post fan fiction somewhere else (AO3 or Gatch Fanfic), you can make a post here linking to your story.


If you're posting entire works in this forum, you will need to add category tags for content, audience, and author. it is also a good idea to tag your post fan-fiction, too. This way, if people want to browse fan fiction, they can do so by author, audience, and content.

Tagging for content just means that you're adding a category tag such as "mild profanity" or "some violence".

Tagging for audience means that you're adding a tag that indicates a story is for "general audiences", "teens and up" or "mature audiences".

Tagging for author means that you tag your fan fiction post with your username so people can find it.

As more content gets posted, the most used tags will be suggested to you. Tags are user-created.
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