2020 Spring/Summer Gift Exchange

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2020 Spring/Summer Gift Exchange

Post by KT1972 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:16 am

In case anyone didn't see Ame's post on Gatchamania.....

Copied and pasted

My sincerest apologies for missing 2019. I have things going on in my personal life that overwhelmed me and there were days that I barely got through work and needs, but this is not the place for that. However, at this time, I am hoping to set up the exchange for both now and Christmas. We can call them 2020 Gatch Gift Exchange (Spring/Easter) & 2020 Gatch Gift Exchange II (Christmas). I'd do a 2020 Gatch Gift Exchange F, but I think that would overwhelm everyone. For now they will be part of one post, but I will eventually split them into two.

The Idea

A fandom Secret Easter Bunny -- we give each other stories, artwork, essays.

Very simple -- Email (gatchgift.ame@gmail.com) or PM me with what you want and what you can give. After I have everything, I'll match up what people want and what they can give, and give you your prompt and medium.

Once you are done with your gift, send them to me. I'll post all submissions here for the receiver and everyone else to enjoy. After all gifts have been posted and enjoyed, and we've guessed who gave what, Givers will be allowed to reveal themselves. After they have had a few days to reveal, I'll post the master list of prompts and who did what.

The Specifics

1. Anytime between now and February 14, 2020 email or PM me with the following.

-- Choose two or three prompts+
-- a Medium or two*
-- if choosing an fanfic or an essay, choose a team*
-- What you can give**

2. By February 18, 2020, you will receive from me a gift request

3. Send me the completed gift by April 5, 2020
(For those giving artwork, I have created a photobucket account for the Exchange. Email me and I will send you the user name and password and you can upload directly to the account any time and I can post it to the exchange.)

4. I'll post the gifts between April 5 and April 12.

5. People can reveal themselves to the recipients on April 17.

6. I'll post the master list April 19, 2020; at that time givers can post their work elsewhere, such as Gatchfanfic or DeviantArt, etc.

7. 1200 word minimum for essays and stories (serial drabbles are okay, unless otherwise specified)

No maximum, but please keep in mind that gifts should be complete. If a prompt inspires more, sequels would be enjoyed by all.

The Rules

If you want something, you have to give something.

Please don't post or share^ the gifts with others or other sites until after the master list has been revealed on April 19, 2020 to give the recipients time to enjoy the work first.

If you don't want smut or slash, or won't write/draw smut or slash, please say so. Also if you prefer this, just put it in your prompt.

If you want to give multiple gifts, you can ask for multiple gifts. Send requests separately, otherwise they will look like additional prompt choices.

Finally, a quick note about warnings and formatting. Please, if the gift you are giving needs to be in the Rubber Room, please let me know. Sometimes I have time to read through the gifts before posting, but not always. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also, please make sure your gift is formatted for gatchamania.net. This could be as simple as adding basic html tags for centering, bold, italic, etc, but also paragraph formatting. You must use double hard returns at the end of each paragraph so that the text does not look like one long block. Just because the text looks right in your program does not mean it will look write in the forum. This is especially true if you use docx with paragraph formatting or similar. If you are uncertain about whether your formatting is right, there are a few ways to test: take another text that you have written in the same format and post it in the test forum; you can also use a small block of the gift and test in the same way, but please delete when done. I know that formatting will take some of you a bit more time with your gifts, but it will save time for me when I am posting the gifts (on average, over the last few years I've had to reformat about 1/3 to 1/2 of the gifts so they are readable) and it will ensure that your formatting is correct. Thank you.

* ** ^ + #

* If you want an essay or choose Eagle Riders or GoS (for fanfic or essay), please select one prompt from another and/or for a second team. I will make every attempt to match people with their first choices, but will be limited by what people are able to give.

**Prefered Medium -- Art, Fanfiction, Essay, Teams that you are most familiar with for Fanfictions or Essays

^Check with me before you send something to beta. I'd really like to try and post a beta list for those who need/want a beta, so if you want to participate, but don't really have the time to give, send me an email to volunteer to beta. Please note that if you want to beta, you must also respect the timeline and secrecy. If you know for a fact that your Beta does not participate, that is okay to just send to them.

Two or three prompts are requested to give the author/artist a choice in case nothing sparks to mind. It does not mean that you will get all prompts or that the author/artist has to do all prompts. However, it has happened in the past that the prompts were so inspiring that some have responded to them all, and posted the others after the exchange. Some have even combined prompts, but again that is at the choice of the author/artist.

Please, if something happens that prevents you from fulfilling this obligation, let me know as soon as possible. I won't be asking for a gift, but will be a back-up if anyone has something that interferes with this obligation. If anyone else wishes to help out in this manner, I'd be happy to accept that help, too. So please, if you have time to fill for missing gifts please let me know.

Hope everyone has a much fun as we did in years past!

Happy Spring!
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